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07-23-2003, 03:05 PM

07-23-2003, 05:18 PM
OK, call me a paranoid bush-bashing liberal, but here it goes.

There's a big difference between going to war with Iraq and N. Korea.

We knew that Iraq was pretty much unarmed, as confirmed by over a decade of searching.
We knew that the ILSA was inhibiting our conglomerates from making money in the region. The ILSA was easily bypassed by these companies, but they had to share their proceeds threw a certain European country that didn't observe the ILSA. Remember, the majority interest of any joint venture in that region had to be owned by a company in that certain European country, so most companies had shell companies in that country. They were, unfortunately, taxed. Solution: Remove sanctions from Iraq, cut out the middle man.

We know that N. Korea has big weapons that can hurt a lot of people.
We know that there is no market interest in that area. No conglomerates beating down senators doors. No PACs.

If you want to see America go to war instantly, have President Chavez nationalize Venezuela's oil industry. I doubt Bush would even bother coming up with fictional reasons.

A lot of people believe the next country will be Iran. Most believe that Syria will follow. But I believe that after those two, you'll see (or won't see, to be precise) a CIA operation to replace the House of Saud with another House as the lead in Saudi Arabia. And also, a certain strip of water in Egypt will all of a sudden come under "international control" (read: American Conglomerates).

A lot of people don't even know what the Trans Afghan Pipeline is, or who Dick Chaney was meeting with at the begriming of the administration behind closed doors, why (and to whom) the pipeline was invaluable, and where the next pipelines are going.

Putting my little crystal ball down now, I'd say that N. Korea would have to seriously mess up to fall on Bush's radar screen. (although his spin people will say otherwise). It's just not in his checkbooks best interest.

07-23-2003, 10:33 PM

Easier that Iraq to control

cupla well placed battlefield tactical nukes and done.

people free, start moving in food, stay out of country tho and let them decide on government.
Keep China out.
Unify N. and S. korea.
Set up trade markets with remaining entity if they in turn always vote with the US in the United Nations.
If not, let them evolve back to the early man stage of development and be done with them.

And yes, you are paranoid:D

07-23-2003, 11:58 PM
Originally posted by prospector
cupla well placed battlefield tactical nukes and done.

Rory goes up in a cloud of green fallout.

No thanks!


07-24-2003, 01:54 PM
There are certain similarities to Iraq's situation and N Koreas.

But, the dynamics surrounding all this are very different.

Different parts of the world. And the political, economic, etc..interest and dynamics in the region are completely different than the middle east.
You won't find reps from most every major country in the world..hob knobbing in N Korea building relationships..and power grabbing.....etc.

N Korea's influence goes about as far as they can lob a missle..that's it. And that's why they have them...and are buiding bigger nastier ones. It's the only way they can get attention in the world. They don't have anything to sell..and they don't produce anything..they are totally dependent on others to take care of them.

The world is "mommy" to N Korea. And baby is crying. You just stick a bottle in it's mouth and it will shut up for a while.

GW sent word that they would hold N Korea "personally" responsible for what they do. And then asked Lil Kim if he's watched the news lately. Don't piss mommy off. It's that time of the month and she's a little irratable.

There there little Kim...put that big nuke down and come over here and see what a nice sandbox mommy has built you to play in.

If N Korea tried to do an overland invasion of S Korea...they'd run out of gas before they got there, and half the soldiers would be crawling into S Korea begging for food.

All they have are the missiles they can lob..and they are so slow..we could probably shoot them down with our jets.

Their biggest threat so far..knowing this...is that they will instead pass off a nuke or technology to terroists.

That's what prompted the statement above from GW.

They'll get their sandbox. And they'll have to give up their nukes to do it.

This is an old game..played manytimes by N Korea to get money for their failing isolationist economy.

It's just, when your dealing with a spoiled child..that does this over and over...at some point..you have to only reward their "good" behavior...to try and teach them..that the bad behavior doesn't work.

While the dangers are there...they are known..and..the dynamics of dealing with a temper fit throwing child are far less dangerous (no matter what they are holding) than it is when your facing a known murderer and liar...who's known to carry concelled weapons ...and use them.

Different dynamics.

When the child is holding a gun and cries for attention..you give him the bottle with one hand..and take the gun with the other..and say there, there.

Because for them..holding the gun in their hand is just a means to an end of getting the bottle and attention from mommy.

07-26-2003, 09:43 AM
To hell with Bush's checkbook, that sounds like a good plan to protect America's best interests to me. It's the game plan I've been hoping we were pursuing ever since we went into Afghanistan.

There is no problem which cannot be resolved with sufficient application of nuclear weapons

07-27-2003, 10:19 PM
Kirk : Tell it LIke it is bruvaa!!!

Hira : Your mindless stirring is blatently rude and immature.......................................... ..............so stop copying me:p