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05-13-2008, 09:33 AM

After several days troubleshooting on why our VT5 lock-ups during DDR launch or SpeedEdit launch, I found something very strange.
If I change the mode to NTSC(default), all went well, but when I switch to PAL. Our VT5 constantly locks on DDR or SpeedEdit launch. From minor to major lock-ups.

I wonder if anyone here ever encounter the same problem?
From this side of the world we are using PAL most of the time.

Nvidia 8800GTS 512, 3.0Gb Quadcore WS, 1000W power, 4Gb RAM, MS XP32 SP2, C:System + V:Video (4 Raid)

Things already check/change to get to the problem.
- Change VGA card (ATI,Nvidia Quadro)
- Uninstall 3rd party codec (Mainconcept)
- Remove all inputs to system
- Rebuild system from scratch (OS++)
- ++

Heelp! :bangwall:

05-14-2008, 09:21 AM
Here's the process thread (screenshot)..
http://s2d1.turboimagehost.com/t/325320_debugview.GIF (http://www.turboimagehost.com/p/325320/debugview.GIF.html)

Anybody got any idea? :hey: