View Full Version : Displacement LScripts ?

05-04-2008, 05:23 AM
Hi all,
I am trying to create an displacement LScript that reads binary data exported from Vue, ie terrain Data. I have created a python script to export the data, and have successfully done the same thing with C# and a Game Engine.

I have read the docs relating to displacement plugins but am still a little confused on how to approach this.

What I do know :
How to read and parse the binary data.
So I end up with an array of floats representing the heights of the terrain.

What I need to know :
How to access the point array by index.
point[2,2].y = valueFromBinary[2,2]

Also I would like this to work on SubD objects.
(how can i access points thats are created by sub division)

I would like this to behave like the texture displacement plugin, but using a raw binary (CHUNK OF FLOATS), rather than an image.

I am sure a push in the right direction would get me most of the way.