View Full Version : Lightwave and XP woes

07-22-2003, 04:17 PM
Hi, I have two PCs, one with more advanced hardware than the other. They both use WinXP and Lightwave but there is something strange happening. On the less advanced PC Lightwave renders very slowly, but it is able to do a sequence of images with no crashes or failures at all. In fact it handles memory so well I can switch to other programs and do other things while it's rendering. The advanced PC is a different story. It can't do more than one frame in a sequence at a time and most of the time when it renders another frame it'll pause or crash the system.

I'm thinking this has to do with a memory dump or something having to do with the software, nothing wrong with the hardware. This problem has also started recently. We've rendered projects before with no problems but now it's crashing constantly. Anyone with a similar experience and solution or any suggestions? All emails are welcome at [email protected] Thanks a lot.

07-22-2003, 04:40 PM
What format are you rendering to? If you are rendering out to an animation the first thing I would suspect is the codec has problems. The next thing I would look at is Lightwave's input/output plugins. Maybe they need reinstalling. Are you able to render with F9 without problems?