View Full Version : Motion Path import

07-22-2003, 11:59 AM
I am trying to create a motion file. LW Layout has a motion file import/export function. But I'd like to substitute the X, Y, Z, H, P, and B parameters in the motion file. The motion file format appears to have 9 channels. Six correspond to X, Y, Z, H, P, B. I assume the remaining three are scaling channels. Each channel has the number of keys created, and each key has a row of 9 numbers. Again, the first of these numbers corresponds to X, Y, Z, H, P, or B value (depending on the channel). What is the significance of the remaining numbers? I tried setting them all to zero and got wierd results. I tried playing with these numbers one at a time to find out if they were interpolation values or spline tension parameters but no luck.

Does anybody have an idea what the numbers in the row for each key mean. Or a place where I can get the file format for *.MOT files.