View Full Version : Only 500?

04-19-2008, 02:22 PM
I was just trying to find a thread I know I was involved in, to help answer a UV question I forgot the answer to.
So I did the logical thing - I tried the search feature here, knowing I'd be disappointed, but just so I could say I did anyway... and, of course, "UV" is waaaayyyy to common. Indeed, it's so common, the search engine more or less said I'm SOL, since its contract forbids such hard work. ;)
So I searched my own username, and selected "find all posts by..." and was confronted by posts 500 to 500, which only dated back so far. Not far enough, and in any event, I have about 1950 posts.
So... search is useless without knowing *exact* thread post titles, and searching a username is limited to 500?
Please tell me I'm wrong, 'cause that's kinda... fu.... well, it's just not right. ;)