View Full Version : Trees: even more reasons to have 3D-Coat

04-19-2008, 12:01 PM

Andrew is the kind of insane we love.

04-19-2008, 03:22 PM
ROFL! Man, hes an animal :)

04-19-2008, 03:24 PM
Man that looks awesome! I've been eyeballing 3D-Coat since you talked about it Larry. I just haven't made the plunge yet, this looks like a good reason (out of many) to get it.

04-19-2008, 04:44 PM
Its a great app and Andrew is a programming maniac when it comes to supporting LW and updating it...WELL worth the cost :)

04-19-2008, 04:47 PM
Is he actually human?
How in the world does one guy become so prolific?
Man, I bet his keyboard takes a beating. ;)

04-19-2008, 05:39 PM
He is quick :) but I think he said he started the project about a year ago and left it in 3D Coat :) Looks really good.

04-19-2008, 05:46 PM
Has anyone opened the billboard color picker? I can't seem to get it closed...

04-19-2008, 05:49 PM
Me, too.

04-19-2008, 07:18 PM
same here- so once you save the tree, how do you get the leaves to show up properly

04-28-2008, 12:27 AM
I just started playing with this. I cant figure how to move around the cam or even rotate.

04-28-2008, 01:36 AM
Hold the alt key down while holding down the left, middle or right mouse button. :)

04-29-2008, 04:03 PM
I think Andrew is an alias...his real name is "Data." :D
After the Star Trek series ended, well even a Cyborg needs to...uh, eat...doesn't he? Well at least he needs some cash to buy a new wardrobe...got tired of wearing the same jumpsuit day in, day out!