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04-18-2008, 06:41 PM
I will soon be embarking on the nightmarish journey of assembling a new system. I already have the parts in mind, but I'm always weary of flat panels. CRT's are all but gone these days, but they still provide a more accurate representation when it comes to color. Unfortunately, I no longer have the desk space for 2 CRT's, so I have to go the panel route. Many times I have seen it mentioned that color calibration is difficult with panels because of the limited range of viewing angle, and physical position you have to maintain in order to "see" accurate colors.

So with that said,

1. Are these issues I'm reading about true for the most part?
2. Is it worth buying a calibration tool like i1 or Spyder?

Side note 1: Confirmed - Buying an Eizo would cost me at least 1 testicle and result in the instant suspension of my ManCard by the wife.

Side note 2: I called Dell about the ETA on the revised 2408WFP. They said 3-4 more months before they start receiving them. (1-800-624-9897 x726-6955). I think they'll burn through their current inventory before they start offering them anyway, but I guess you can still ask for it.

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04-19-2008, 11:37 AM
1. Yes! sadly, they are true; the viewing angle have a great impact on the image contrast and color; some new panel (I've seen recent eizo, asus, hp, apple and sony) deals better with this problem but they are not cheap.

2. No it is not wrong, but will not solve your problem, calibration is for consistency between systems; cold'nt rise monitor quality.


04-19-2008, 12:21 PM
rikperni is correct.

1. S-PVA panels have that problem with viewing angle. S-IPS panels minimize that problem but the black areas have some purple in them.

I just purchased an NEC 2190 UXp, S-PVA. I mostly do AutoCad on a gray screen so the viewing angle problem is less since the color is light. The screen lightens and gets a bit yellow at the edges. It has one stuck pixel in the upper left, a few inches in, so not really a problem.

My last monitor was a CRT that broke.

LCD overview with reccomended monitors

Calibration page

I downloaded the monitor profiles for mine from NEC. I only needed to adjust the brightness down (it was at max) and dropped the black level, contrast stayed the same. It looks good.

I never had a chance to see the vieing angle thing before buying. I might have gotten a CRT again.

Panel types: TN panels are for game setups dont get one.

If you dont need perfect color matching for print dont worry about calibrator hardware. Just get your monitor profile, and adjust the basic settings.

04-19-2008, 02:35 PM
Just had a peek at some of NECs 24inch MultiSync 90 monitors (connected to a SpeedGrade set), incredible monitors, with an incredible color representation and 12 bit internal LUT option.


These wil replace our sets in the near future.