View Full Version : Lightwave dynamics And Houdini dynamics

04-15-2008, 05:49 PM
I was playing a little with dynamics in Houdini apprentice, couldnīt get that far thou..
firstly I made an object of arrayed bricks in one layer in lightwave modeler and
imported to houdin to try out dynamics..Ivé made an rigid body of it and added a dynamic groundplane..it worked all fine, the object falls nicely and bounces nicely, I then wanted it to actually break in pieces upon collision and thatīs when I realised how simple it is to do in lightwave, well it probably is in houdini once you know it, something about setting up connectivity and partition and rules.
Have to learn expressions in houdini I guess.

A guy in the houdini apprentice forum uploaded a dynamic sample of something similar and I thought the calculation seemed slow, so I exported the array object out and tried it in lightwave and it was actually smoother,
The guy at the apprentice told me that Houdini Dynamics were in general slow, but stable and accurate and had tried other dynamics that were faster
but they couldnīt get decent results of it.

might be of interest.