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04-13-2008, 11:03 AM
The node editor looks like it would be a lot easier to use than the traditional texture editor, and I can make great textures in the preview, but I can't get it to override the regular texture editor at all in order for it to have any effect whatsoever on the object itself.
I.E. if I model a glass leaving the old gray ugly default texture, click on edit node, drag out the dielectric material, then connect "material" from the dielectric material to "material" on the surface, plug in a color and an absorbtion value, such as 1, or any other value, a cool looking green glass appears in the little preview square, but nothing happens to the object what so ever. If I render it, however, it remains a dull solid gray, overriding the node editor completely.
How can I force the node editor to override the original texture? (and no, I'm not applying it to the wrong texture. I've even tried texturing an item with only one texture, i.e. the default in the scene, but no matter how good the results in the preview/editor, this has no effect in the least on the rendered object. I know that for a glow, you have to set it on both the object, and the global render tab, and for saslite, you have to set it on the object, and on the pixel filter, or nothing happens, but I thought with the node, all you had to do was click "edit nodes" and whatever you did there would override the texture in texture editor, but What am I doing wrong???? Or do I have a defective copy of Lightwave??? If so what do I do? :eek:

(I'm using Lightwave 9.31, and also the new 9.5 beta, running windows xp on an amd processor, but it doesn't work in either version.)

04-13-2008, 11:48 AM
Just make sure you check the box next to the 'edit nodes' button

hope that helps :)

04-13-2008, 02:54 PM
Man, that was gutful laugh.

I sure hope this was your issue, webgenie. I don't think shaders over-ride and Weetos fix is the main one that comes to mind.

Barring that that is the issue, mind posting the surface or node network?