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07-20-2003, 08:52 PM
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hey gang...

The MIB with the texan drawl let me go, but now I have a chip up my nose to go with the chip on my shoulder!!!!

I just got the kensington expert mouse, an optical trackerball, and its schweet... very smooth and offers a wrist rest.

it comes in black, has both USB and PS2 connections, and hopefully Newtek demos and siggraph won't be silly and ...PPPPPPPPPZZZZZZZTTTTTT±! ZZAAPP! Ok, I feel much better now. Did I mention that it has both USB and PS2 connections and a center ring that acts as a scroll. Very smooth.

Four programmable buttons line any other tracker ball. The optical light works off the pattern on the trackerball, and Stranaham's tour discussion was removed and FFFFFFFFFTTTTTTT-tick-ZAP Sun Jul 20, 2003 7:30:45 PM US/Pacific
Oh that was odd, I suddenly felt lightheaded. Did I explain that the optical light reads this patter off the ball? So far none of the stutter that happens with the mechanical counterpart.

As I mentioned earlier, a kewl feature in LW would be to enable the user to click on a numeric parameter, and depending on which digit is highlighted, the scroll wheel in mice and tracker balls should allow one to scroll through values.

The Funtionality seems like the more you use it (oil from your fingers), the smoother it gets. Check it out!!!

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