View Full Version : Need 3D Model

04-09-2008, 01:19 PM
I am in need of a 3D model of a ram head. My school's mascot is a ram and we just got a new machine,SHOP BOT, and we have been experimenting with it. we are able to cut out 3D models with it and just recently, about 20 min ago, finished a 3D head out of hard foam. it looks pretty good, but I gave the suggestion of doing a 3d model of a rams head, our mascot. The only problem is I am not very good with modeling humans and animals. I use both LIGHTWAVE and MOTIONBUILDER, but spend a deal of my time in MOTIONBUILDER and so far have not really done much with modeling of animals and people. So I know that this is a long shot, but i was hoping that someone would be willing to design a RAM head in lightwave for free. I know that there arent many pople who do free work, but this is for a school and it would be cool if we could do it. I have looked on other sites offering free models, but none of the heads were that good. What I am looking for is somthing that is school appropriate, yet looks fierce and tough. if u need anymore information or would like to help me out, please email me or reply to my hread. my email is [email protected]