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04-03-2008, 10:13 PM
Hey all,

Hopefully people can recommend which way I should go install-wise for LW 9.3.1 or 9.5beta...

I have a new 8-core Mac Pro with 8Gb RAM and it's running Leopard OSX and Vista x64 via bootcamp (also an XP virtual machine which runs awesome in Mac OSX via Fusion - haven't tried its DirectX support yet though). Graphics-wise I've got an NVIDIA 8800GT.

It looks like from the my downloads section that there is no 64bit Mac OSX version? (I assume that's because of some Carbon/Cocoa thing I've been hearing about and the extra dev involved to make a 64bit Mac version??)

So which is the best one to install? is the Win 64bit version just as stable and compatible as the Win 32bit? And if so is the performance significantly better to warrant going 64bit under my Vista x64 or should I go with the LW32 under Vista x64?

I imagine that part of my decision making strategy for that would not only be the stability, but also how do existing plugins work with the 64bit version? Do all the plugins I use have to be 64bit as well to get the most benefit? Can I even use 32bit plugins with LW64? I know my audio app Sonar has this thing called BitBridge which is a wrapper allowing me to use 32bit VST plugins in the 64bit version of the app - though I have experienced some incompatibility with some plugins and thus went back to the 32bit version of Sonar until those plugins are 64bit or the wrapper is better. Is it the same for LW? (as all those awesome free plugins probably don't have 64bit versions yet? -- though I haven't checked in a few months for new plugs).

Or since I'm spending more and more time in Mac OSX these days (thanks to Fusion) is the LW32 for Mac sufficient and stable enough - obviously I'll have to find Mac versions of all my plugins (a good weekend or more searching the net :bangwall:). I still have to decide whether to crossgrade to the Adobe CS3 suite for Mac instead of my Win versions...?:question:

I'd really like to take advantage of the speed and memory of my new computer, but I'd rather not spend weeks figuring out which configuration is the best - hence me asking all you wonderful people what your experiences are with similar hardware?

Any suggestions would be helpful - and please don't let my post here start any OS controversy - I'm bi now - bi-platform that is (tri if you count XP) and I'm loving it so I have no attachment to any OS other than what works for my workflow.

thanks for any advice :)

04-04-2008, 03:49 AM
You can install all of them and switch as you need. Your license covers all platforms, using the same dongle.

And yes, plugins need to be 64-bit to work with a 64-bit version of LW... but you can always install 32-bit LW as well.


04-04-2008, 05:10 AM
It's also worth noting that UB LW (32 bit) can deal with more memory than 32 bit Windows LW. It's not to the same level as 64 bit, naturally, but in working with really major scenes here, what won't render under Win32 LW renders just fine in UB LW.