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04-01-2008, 09:35 AM
Hi guys
Can you pleas post some tests and screan shots about New ik and joints system of LW 9.5....................
There si only threads that talk about Fiber FX new radiosity Blaaaablaaaaaaaalaaaaaaaaaablaaaaaaaaaa
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Hey and what about of the essential????????????????????


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I can tell you now, no one will discuss this outside of the open beta forums. So why not join

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The knee bone's connected to the .. thigh bone. The thigh bone's connected to the .. hip bone. Nobody's going to break the .. NDA, so join .. the .. beta.

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Is there a Charitable soul here?

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Most souls are probably charitable but not to the extent of violating their NDAs :)

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Most souls are probably charitable but not to the extent of violating their NDAs :)

Exactly, I don't think charitable is the issue, I think legally liable is.

04-01-2008, 02:53 PM
Lets make a joint statement;



04-02-2008, 04:52 AM


3D World: Could you outline just what the new character animation tools in LightWave 9.5 are?

Jay Roth: We have rebuilt the IK solver in LightWave to be more robust, more reliable, and faster to solve. We have added a pole vector (AKA up vector) to control the direction of the IK chain orientation. This control is great for controlling the direction of knees and elbows, and also allows the user more control over flipping of the chain.

The IK system includes a ?soft IK? option, which dampens the IK results as the chain reaches close to full extension, helping animators to minimize ?IK pop,? a symptom common among 3D applications. I believe that we are the first to offer this directly out of the box, whereas other apps require that you write a script to control this condition. The user can tune the behavior of the soft IK, or disable it altogether if they prefer.

The user has direct switching between FK and IK on a chain, and this is an animatable value.

In all preceding versions of LightWave, users were required to enable IK on a per channel basis, for every bone in the chain. Now, in LightWave v9.5, this is a simple two-click process to assign an IK controller to a chain with any amount of bones or joints.

LightWave v9.5 is introducing the concept of joints into the application. Joints are mathematically different than the original LightWave bones, and should lead to more stability in rigs that use joints instead of bones. Whereas a bone is defined as an origin and orientation (plus length), joints are simply defined as a single position value. When two joints are parented together, a ?bone? is drawn between the two, which should be familiar to users who come from other applications.

One of the benefits of joints are ?stretchy bones?, where the user can control a variable distance between the joints, which is great for traditional toon-style animation. When you combine this method with a simple morph as developed by Lee Stringer (and showcased by William Vaughan on the LightWave3D website) you have the ability to really push ropey limbs, etc.

The deformation pipeline has been optimized significantly, and is now multi-threaded, so users should see better performance with smooth skinned characters in most cases.

Wow thnx alot
God bless lightwave Community :bowdown:

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I think he was reffering to one of this vids:)

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If Lightwave 10 is what everyone is expeting, a brand new piece of software etc... for sure NT will need income to develope further. Probably they will have a small fee for point updates and a bigger one for new versions.

04-02-2008, 02:23 PM
I'll gladly pay.