View Full Version : Broken UV maps? What'd I mess up?

03-30-2008, 09:45 PM
Hello all,
Im having some problems getting this whole workflow correct, since this is my first real whack at it. This workflow is in conjunction with Zbrush 3.1, where Ive made my model, created the uv displacement map, normal and bump map. I have been following a tutorial on how to set this stuff up but I cant seem to get it to work.

When I exported the UV map, I believe it said to export it as a .TIF file, which I mistakenly exported it as a .PSD file. Realising this I opened Photoshop and the .PSD uv map and saved it as a .TIF file. Did I do a big no-no on this one?
Are the normals and bump maps dependent on the uv map and its accuracy? I setup the node layout but my renders resulted in no displacement, bump or anything.

Thanks in advance!