View Full Version : OT - GoDaddy FTP connection issue

Tom Wood
03-28-2008, 03:49 AM
I know this is OT but it's an odd enough situation that I was hoping to find someone that has run across it.

My production machine (PC - WinXP) is connected to the internet via an ethernet cable to my web-browsing machine (PC - WinXP) which in turn is connected via wireless to Roadrunner. The production machine can connect to the FTP folders of two other sites I have, but for some reason my production machine can't connect to the FTP folders of a new site I set up at GoDaddy.

I have Dreamweaver and SmartFTP on my production machine, and just SmartFTP on my web-browsing machine. Neither program on the production machine can connect to the new GoDaddy FTP site, but SmartFTP on my web-browsing machine connects just fine.

So it's some sort of protocol between the machines that is unique to giving just the GoDaddy site a headache. Where should I look for the problem?

Yes, I'm trying to get help from GoDaddy but so far they've been stumped. :D