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Raccoon Bandit
03-27-2008, 01:05 PM
(Mar. 27, 2008) - Trellis Management Co. Ltd. announces XDepth HDR for NewTek LightWave 3D.

XDepth is a revolutionary digital imaging technology bringing High-Depth and High Dynamic Range features to the popular Jpeg format.

One month after the wide success of the XDepth plugin for Adobe? Photoshop?, XDepth now appears in the realm of 3D animation and visual effects.

XDepth HDR for LightWave 3D is the world's first High Dynamic Range image compression solution for 3D animation and visual effects, allowing storage of high quality HDR images at a fraction of the space normally required while maintaining full compatibility with the Jpeg format.

VFX production studios , professional artists and animators using LightWave 3D will now be able to output storage-intensive HDR sequences, transfer large amounts of HDR images over the network and extensively employ high-resolution HDR textures for rendering with all the additional benefits of a compressed image format like Jpeg.

XDepth technology also allows 3D applications to keep HDR textures compressed in memory, by means of custom implementations, thus drastically reducing RAM usage for HDR-intensive scenes.

XDepth HDR for LightWave 3D is available to download free of charge for Windows users at www.xdepth.com.

Interested parties can contact XDepth engineers for custom implementations through our contact page at: www.xdepth.com/contact.php .

About Trellis Management:
Trellis Management is a privately held company focused on technology IP's licensing, acquisition and sale. Trellis Management is not related nor affiliated with the Joint Photographic Expert Group (JPEG).

I had the wonderful opportunity to beta test this incredible plug and highly recommend checking it out!