View Full Version : Reflection Buffer broken?

03-27-2008, 08:18 AM
Hi, I'm trying to use the PSD export, and for the most part it is working as advertised. However, I can't get anything to show up in the reflection buffer. Is there some trick I'm missing? I have ray trace reflections on, even though I'm only reflecting an HDR backdrop. My workaround is just to render a separate pass for the reflection with all other surface attributes turned off, but that is inconvenient. I'm pretty sure I've done this before, but I'm stumped.

Any ideas would be appreciated, Thanks.


03-27-2008, 09:17 AM
Never mind. The object I was testing with had the G2 shader applied to it (that'll teach me to trust other peoples surfacing!), and that was screwing up the buffer somehow. Sometimes it is a necessary part of the troubleshooting process to publicly complain about something before realizing my stupid mistake. Sure it's embarrasing, but somehow it just speeds things along. :)