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03-25-2008, 04:20 PM
In my excitment to explore the IES lighting system I went out and downloaded lots of IES files, no problem with this. In my searching for IES files ran across several IES file utilities. Yesterday I installed (or should say attempted to install)
the DialLUX IES viewer and utility. Several legitimate sites had reference to it (CG Architect and the like). So the install started and said that it needed to download the visualization components, furniture and such. I proceeded ahead.
Took quite a while (nearly half a gig of stuff) and towards the end of the install it failed.

I had some skittish behavior from the computer and so I ran the uninstall from the control panel, that seemed to work, although there were a few stray files in my root directory. Now the nightmare begins, keeping it short and not-so-sweet, desktop settings change, display driver settings hosed, programs reporting missing components, registry errors, Outlook failed, preferences in those programs I can get to start are hosed.... etc.

I don't image my drive because theres so much on it, but I do backup all data and preferences, application data, etc (Karenware's replicator, it rocks)

My solution: I created a new administrative user account, and I'm migrating all the necessities from the previous user account. So far this seems to be working, although it's a ****load of work. Also, I am trying to be philosophical about this, it's a great opportunity to clean up my computer :)

I do not know if this was unique to my computer or if others our vulnerable to what ever went wrong, but I would Highly recommend thinking long and hard about installing this app. There are other utilities out there and I do not think this one is worth the pain they put me through.

Good Luck

P.S. I am crossposting this to the beta discussion area, because of the talk about features that were revealed in the press release and if even one person tries to install this thing and it does what it did to me, I would feel horrible.

03-25-2008, 05:35 PM
Strange, use mine all the time.
Checking out over 3 gigs of IES files. Been using about 2 months now.

03-25-2008, 06:52 PM
I use DIALux regularly at the office to calculate footcandle ranges for a lot of commercial work we do. I think it's outstanding software. We've been using it for almost a year with no problems.

I completed both an interior and exterior visualisation of a 13-story medical building with no problems.

I think this is a great program, and the alternative calc software costs over $1000 (the other program we use is AGI32, at a price of $1200). I'll use DIALux over it any time.

This might just be unique to you...

03-25-2008, 06:55 PM
Yeah, i wasn't certain if anybody else would have this problem, I just wanted to err on the side of caution. I know it's a legitimate program and I got it directly from the author website. So there you go. I have a really nasty start to the New Year and I guess it continues:cry: :cry:


03-26-2008, 08:24 AM
Now, I know these renders are as ugly as the lump of organic matter the cat dragged in, but they're just stills rendered from a fully radiositied DIALux scene in which I was able to show some architects a walkthrough. As visualization goes, it's crap, but for interactivity it can hardly be beaten.

All this to say, it's really a pretty good program. It definitely hasn't messed my computer up.

03-27-2008, 11:12 AM
Good to hear. I had noticed when it was installing the Visual studio 8 was about the point the install hosed, so there you go. Now I'm gun shy and won't be installing it, but enjoy.


04-03-2008, 11:22 AM
There is also another software similar to dialux, called relux, which is pretty good.
Also free

04-03-2008, 06:13 PM
Thank you :)