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07-18-2003, 04:34 PM
Hey, so it appears that most of this forum is now dedicated to the what-ifs of future products that haven't been released, and the flame wars of the last two decades. Can I humbly suggest that those of you who wish to speculate on software or hardware find yourself a new location:

Those of you who wish to platform bash:

And those of you who wish to discuss issues that currently affect your use of Lightwave as a tool:

I'm just as guilty as many others, but let's try to get back on topic, eh?

07-18-2003, 08:27 PM
Hi Micheal. I know that you have added a lot of valuable input to the Lightwave forum over the years, with lots of useful technical information.

Platform wars: I can understand how many people don't like platform wars, even though it was part of Newtek's original list of on-topic subjects for the Mac Lightwave forum. Don't forget it takes two to tango. It takes someone to provide an opposition (to the Mac) before a lively debate begins about what platform is best.

Current issues: I notice you highlighted the word "current", maybe to exclude talk about future technologies.

The G5 was the big talk of the town before it was officially announced. There were comments from a few people who didn't like talk about it before Apple had officially announced it, as at that stage it was nothing but a rumor. It would have been pretty hard to have avoided rumors and talk about the upcoming G5.

Two other forum topics that I started about future technologies that aren't included in Lightwave are Pixlet and Rendezvous. I guess I was trying to bring everyone's attention to the possibilities, and thus get it onto Newtek's radar screen.

There is one other advantage of people hanging around here having lively (but maybe useless) discussions. The newbies are getting their questions answered pretty quick. Because a lot of people are hanging around the forum, newbies are typically getting their questions answered in less than an hour. It may be a better situation than some forums for other software products where your questions can go for weeks without a response.

For me personally, I think the most important thing is that people make it clear in the subject of the thread what it is about. Not everyone will be interested in everything. If the subject is clear then you know whether to avoid that one or not.

Darth Mole
07-19-2003, 04:23 AM
Great. Now we've got another off-topic thread...

07-19-2003, 09:58 AM
well atleast it shows the mac community for lightwave is growing...

07-20-2003, 08:37 AM
well atleast it shows the mac community for lightwave is growing...

actually to me, it shows that theres a bunch of mac people sitting around
with tons of time on there hands, dreaming up goofy **** to post here just to have something to do?
Mlinde, i am afraid you are "pissing up a rope" here, this "forum" might on a
good day actually have 2 questions that pertain to LW... and both of those would be posted by some numbskull, who' s to lazy to open the manual?

Beamtracer, as a member of this forum for over 3 years now, i would have to say you are the
"chief" when it comes to ridiculous speculation,rumor mongering, and mindless
platform trashing( i site your current "sudden influx of windows users" thread
as typical Beamtracer "contribution")its like putting out troll bait?

its also proof that there is little or no moderation of this forum.
so there... another mindless opinion, on a brainless subject.