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03-24-2008, 09:12 AM

I would like some help with information on proven workflows in SpeedEdit using the XHA1. I've had some difficulty getting smooth playback on the final DVD.

Assume, HDV footage shot at 1080 24f (drop Frame) on the XHA1.

What settings are used in SpeedEdit:

Capture (I haven't found any options here - assuming everything is captured the same in .m2t)

Timeline for Editing: What specific settings.

Render: What are the rendering output options and settings that will produce smooth, playback. (Assume HD and SD final product)

I've been doing some experimenting but find that playback is a jumpy so I must be doing something wrong. (It plays fine on the timeline, but rendered files are a bit jumpy)

Please, only respond if you are actually doing this successfuly.

By the way, this is being done on a PC with a Quad Core Processor, 6GB RAM, Windows XP x64 Edition, 1TB SATA RAID

Thanks in advance for the help.

03-25-2008, 01:52 AM
I've found that when editing 24f footage in a 24p timeline, sometimes it'll play every 2nd frame when your in/out point hits a certain frame. The most logical explanation I've come up with is that the 24f files are effectively recognized as 60p with 3-2-2-3 frame cadence by speededit, and therefore, depending on the frame in/out point, you can either hit a good frame and it plays smoothly, or a bad one and it'll get stroby. In any case, it's as easy as trimming your in OR out point (but not both) by one frame and it'll play. I hope this gets sorted out in the future, because it's a major pain to find you had a jumpy clip AFTER you've rendered out a long project. :)

03-25-2008, 06:11 AM
I haven't experienced that issue (yet). It always seems to play fine in the timeline. My problem is when I render it out, it plays kind of choppy...expecially on fast camera moves. I did some experimenting last night and found that if I render it out as 29.97 interlace, the final DVD looks pretty good. Prior to that i was rendering it out using the "project Settings", which was 24p (progressive) drop-frame. One would think that you would render it out as 24p but that does not yeld good results. I'm confused to say the least.