View Full Version : SDI Embeded audio pleeeeze just work.

03-24-2008, 07:08 AM
Well, we have bypassed the noisy BOB as mentioned in another post with a AD-DA converter. Would be good if I could find a digitial stream of the rear channels somewhere if I could I would never use the BOB audio again.
However onto embeded SDI When using a Sony A500 digital Betacam VTR (PAL) has anyone encountered this problem.
1. SDI picture good
2. SDI embeded audio causes the audio input/monitor select buttons to flash which indicates an unstable input.
3. The meters are moving and we do record audio, however with occasional dropouts.
4. AES/EBU audio just comes through as static noise with the same flashing, unstable input lights.

Any ideas oin the dropouts and the SDI audio.