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03-17-2008, 06:33 PM
I was chatting with someone on IRC (in a game dev channel) about 3d software, and was asked about lightwave. So obviously i started to pimp lightwave up as im sure you all would :)

But after i sung its praises he said "Yeh it sounds great, shame im poor".

Well my reply to this was that there is an educational version which is pretty cheap and doesn't have any limitations on the software its self, but cant be used for commercial use. Well currently he's learning XNA so nothing commericial.

But this posed a question, what if something he created, initially as a non-commercial venture had the oppotunity to become commercial.

Options are:
1) Find money from somewhere and upgrade to a commercial license before you make any money from it.
2) Sell it and dont bother upgrading to commercial and hope you dont get caught.
3) Sell it, and use the money to upgrade to a commercial license (and potentially buy more licences ontop of that one).

Obviously 2 shouldn't be an option, not for anyone who has a sense of morality and ethics.

But option 3 is an interesting one, assuming getting the money upfront is still a problem.

Iv not seen this mentioned before, so does anyone know where Newtek stand on this (is it mentioned in the educational license documentation? or been said on the forum?).

My own personal view is that as long as the commercial license gets bought as soon as any money is made from it, then i dont have a problem with someone doing option 3. But i dont know where it would stand legally.


03-17-2008, 08:33 PM
I don't know where Newtek stands on this issue, but from what I seen, most 3D software companies are fairly tolerant as long as the user purchases their product after making their first or second sale. When I mean purchase I mean purchasing ALL licensing of the 3D program that was violated in the original agreement. I know of many LW users that have implied that they are using academic licenses for products such as Maya unlimited, and SyFlex for commercial work.

Those who I know who have been caught were repeated offenders who have been force to buy the commercial product, or face a fine. Except for the high end 3d applications, buying the application is usually cheaper than the fine.

I personally would buy the software first before making the sale.