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03-17-2008, 11:46 AM

I'm an user of Lightwave3D long ago and besides recognizing that it is one of the best applications in 3D thanks to their use easiness and surprising results, one of the restlessness that I have always had in my head was as combining my passion for this virtual world and at the same time take advantage of my work.
In many cases we had carried out some that another remunerated work (As much to personal level as with a team of friends with the same passion) but we have never gotten a continuity. After thinking a lot of time about this and thanks to the new technology of Newtek (Family TRICASTER and VT5) my partners and I have seen a formula that can allow us the possibility to capitalize our projects.
We also consider that this formula can work better if we invite all the fans of Lightwave 3D to participate, because biggest is the number of developments more people can be interested in our creations.

I understand that with these few words it is not easy to know the idea about what I want to transmit you.
I summarize you my intentions and I invite you to visit the web pages below, because it is already known… An image is better than a thousand words..


The Shop/Forum's objective is to promote the artists that develop its work inside Newtek platform, Lightwave 3D and Aura.
Many of us never can launch our works or we didn't have a launch platform for our creations. This forum and the web www.ultimatetv.es puts to our disposition a formula that allows us to promote and to capitalize our creative efforts. A formula that although thematic (Based in the audiovisual world. Television, shows, events, etc.) it is open to new suggestions and ideas inside our possibilities.
Those of us interested will receive by mail electronic instructions and documents detailing the objectives and intentions.
What is the idea…
To have a publication and sale platform of ours / yours creations, having the collaboration of the virtual shop www.ultimatetv.es that took charge of the promotion, distribution and sale of ours / yours works. Always with a quality control and respecting all the intellectual rights of the artists.
To who goes directed?
To all those artists, creative and users of the applications Lightwave3D and Aura that want to put their works for sale.
Because only Lightwave3D AND Aura. ?
Good the truth is that in the case of title sequence any serious application been worth, but in the case of virtual scenarios only Newtek has this technology so far, as much for the creation of contents as for its use. (And because we are fans of the products of Newtek. ; -))
That I can offer?
So far the types of products that will offer from the virtual store www.ultimatetv.es and to distribution are:
- Products developed with Lightwave3D and Aura for the environment of VT5 and TRICASTER family, especially of the type "Live Set" (virtual Environments). Products that we wait have a great demand.
- Title / Opening TV or program sequences. Representative short animations of a TV program or corporate image of a TV.
(More details and work mechanics for the artists interested in the project by e-mail)

If you are interested contacts us.
[email protected] please write in the subject “Artists - Request information”
www.ultimatetv.es (Visits the web. An image is better than a thousand words)

Please, Keep in mind the web “www.ultimatetv.es” are in development. This web won't be diffused and published in searchers until it is considered appropriate for its publication. Visit us but remember that it won't be 100% operative until their inauguration. (Only it is available with the purpose that you can be interested to participate as artists and creators of contents for their sale and distribution)
The forum “www.ultimatetv.es/foro/ “ is fully operative and is the first passed to enter as contents suppliers.