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07-16-2003, 08:10 PM
I was just thinking about all the talk about Premiere leaving the mac world with the door hitting their *** on the way out and wondered what would happen if Adobe made an OS just to run their apps only.
Like Im sure if they even created the computer and sold it in bulk to design studios thus creating cheaper sales if bought in bulk, how would this be received?
This is considering their apps get first updates and slowly dry off othe rplatforms versions..

Adobe PC -
Adobe OS (maybe based on BEos or their own *nix developments)
x86 computer with 1 gig ram (pc preferred?)
120 gigs
USB 2 (optioned FW)
$1200us or
$2500us (design suite ps,ill,acrobat, indesign)

They have no real sound app so their onboard sound is minimal to save money.

Would you buy this system or similar?

07-16-2003, 08:46 PM
If Adobe ever made an OS, it would be....


-Aimed at desktop publishers, and ignore everyone else

-Each new version number would be buggy, especially when it reached number 9.

-They'd keep adding new useless features that nobody uses, while ignoring core issues

-These useless features would add to the bloatware

-It would only use a single processor on a dual processor machine


07-16-2003, 09:21 PM
Beam isn't that the MAC you are describing?:D


07-17-2003, 11:33 PM
Originally posted by js33
Beam isn't that the MAC you are describing?:D Very funny :p Well, that's what a Mac performs like when it's running Adobe After Effects or Illustrator.

07-17-2003, 11:49 PM
:D Sorry Beam I just couldn't resist that one.:D


07-18-2003, 02:34 AM
Adobe making their own OS?
No Lightwave?!?!?! :eek: Sorry, just lost me! :D

Jimzip. :D

07-18-2003, 02:40 AM
Sorry, double post.. :rolleyes: