View Full Version : looking for tutor in NYC

07-16-2003, 08:00 PM
Hi ,

I'm a new LW user. I would like to find someone to guide me through a very specific set of tasks: CAD-like grid-snapping modelling (or else proper importing of DXF files), basic animating, and simple flat shading with wire frame renders (which LW supports better than any other program I've seen). LW does not have the most intuitive UI and many actions that are fairly easy to master in other programs seem really confusing, so I want to give myself a head start.

I am a fine artist, not a commercial user, so I can't pay a huge salary, but if you are willing to come to my studio for a day, or possibly more depending on how things go, please contact me here or at [email protected] Ideally we could do it next week, perhaps 7/23, 24, or 25. Thanks.

David Brody