View Full Version : HHEEELLPP!! 10.2.4 / ScreamerNet hassles!!

02-22-2003, 07:02 AM
Hi Guys,

I have just been attempting to do a screamernetll render using 2 g4 macs running LW7.5 on os10.2.4.

The LWSN is running on both machines, LW(onthehost) detects the CPUs and starts the render, all is well.

However once it is done, I discover that there has been no output to the folder I specified in the render settings.

I opened up the scene, and I now realise that the project hasn't saved the render settings (even though I did save it before).
The content directory is set correctly.

It is as if Lightwave is not remembering what I save.

Any ideas?
Adam Teale

02-24-2003, 10:35 AM
Open the lws
Open Render Options
Set your output options.
Close Render Options
Save the scene file.
Close the scene file.
Open the scene file in a text editor.

way down towards the bottom, look for
OutputFilenameFormat 3
SaveRGB 0
SaveRGBImagesPrefix Trajan:Users:mlinde:Animations:BloodCells:images:b asophil
RGBImageSaver LW_PICT32(.pct)
SaveAlpha 1
SaveAlphaImagesPrefix Trajan:Users:mlinde:Animations:BloodCells:images:b asophil:alpha:basoalpha_
AlphaImageSaver LW_PICT24(.pct)

Now, that's a sample from a scene file with RGB and Alpha output, showing the directories and everything. If you have that kind of information in your scene file, it saved correctly, and will render to that directory, assuming that your render nodes have access to that directory.

If you don't have that information showing up, check your Lightwave cmdLine, Hub cmdLine, and Modeler cmdLine in the Lightwave:Programs folder to make sure they are pointing to the correct directories for the preferences.