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03-08-2008, 01:53 PM
I am doing some research before making a commitment in purchasing new components for my new system.

Putting aside the core 2 duo chips...I have given some thought to running two quad core opteron's, either simply going for the older B2 stepping or waiting for the newer B3 stepping cores.

I am particulary keen on having as many cores available for rendering, I know that a 3Ghz core 2 duo would be more responsive using modelling tools etc.

Any thoughts guys, experience good or bad?


03-08-2008, 04:07 PM
I think intel is the way to go right now. Even if you wait for the B3 stepping, AMD can't seem to raise the Ghz level to the point to compete with Intel. So I think it will be until the end of the year to get a comparatively good performing AMD chip vs. Intel's. However, I heard AMD chips is more efficient than Intel when you use mulitcores, so if you built a 8 core machine, you might get better price to performance ratio.

If you plan to do a lot of animation, I would go for the high core setup. If you plan to do still image rendering. Than the higher Ghz would probably be more beneficial for you.

Mr Big
03-08-2008, 04:21 PM
Wait until 9.5 is out.
Quad cores will make a difference in rendering but not in modelling, I tested this out when I got my Dual Core Opteron.
For modelling a good graphics card & low poly tutorials are a better investment + the models are easier to create morphs with. Example: Jonny Gorden , Todd Grimes _Desktop Images & kurv studios. Tutorials take characters from sketches to animation
You may consider adding these to your toolbox also;
3D Brush
HD Instance

03-09-2008, 12:41 PM
Thanks for your opinions/information....