View Full Version : LW 9.3.1 Sentinel installer crash on XP x64

03-08-2008, 06:23 AM
I hadn't been using lightwave for a while and found out 9.3.1 was released. It included the 7.4.0 Sentinal drivers.

But when the 9.3.1 installation runs the Sentinal installer my system blue-screens. I'm on XP x64 and didn't have problems with previous versions of LW or Sentinal. This happens every time I try. After the crash LW does not show up in the add-remove programs. But Sentinel does.
I searched around a bit, but the problem doesn't seem to be known. I tried disabling my anti-virus software, and downloading a seperate 7.4.0 installer from the Safenet website. Same problem.

One time after my system crashed, I even lost 1 disk in my Raid-0 array, which kinda freaked me out. But fortunately, the array was fixable.

But now I'm pretty much stuck without a working version of LW. Any thoughts ?