View Full Version : Scenes to test on 1100Ghz rendefarm

03-05-2008, 06:51 PM
Hello, i'm looking for somes scenes to test on a big renderfarm.
i'm betatesting a new renderfarm designed for Lightwave that will be available soon.
I need those scenes i've seen here for Gi purpose. Like Sponza, Stanford Rabbit and Dragon, architechtural scenes like this one with the stairs, the kitchen, the Vray simple primitive Gi scenes, etc...
What we need is well knowd lightwave benchmarking scenes with heavely used CPUs.
Maybe a good exemple can be the Stanford dragon with rotative camera and switching Lightwave nodal materials. (Gregg?)

These scenes will be shared to all users to test their Cpus.
someting like a benchmarking reference.

thank you very much.