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03-04-2008, 04:39 AM
I got Vue 5i with a Lightwave upgrade, and later upgraded to v6i. I got a faster computer, and after jumping through some hoops, moved over to that. It had various stability issues and I recently gave up and reinstalled windows to a different drive, which seemed to work, and finally fix my stability issues. I started to re-install Vue 6 onto that one.

I check my available downloads for the Vue install stuff I need, and there was one left - I decided to try and find the CD I had burned before, to avoid using the last download. When I gave up and went back to get the file, I was told I had NO downloads left, despite not having downloaded it.

Send a support request, download is reset, start again.

Download and burn to CD for transfer to the target PC, which is not internet connected.

It wants my Vue 6i code. I feed it in.

It then asks for my Vue 5i code, saying that this is necessary to let me get at DRM'ed content. I feed it in.

It then wants to be pointed at the original Vue 5i install directory, it does not say if its the source or destination drive it wants.

Doesn't make a lot of difference, neither is accessible to that machine anyway. Hit cancel.

It is now telling me that I won't be able to access the content I have paid for until I redo this, and can point it at Vue 5.

Then it wants to go online to "activate" itself, (not currently an option of course), and informs me that it will watermark any images I do get out, when it does not connect.

I know some sort of copy protection is needed, but this is completely unacceptable. I have never come across a product with so many layers of pain built in for genuine customers. What the *** will it be like when the next version arrives? A whole new set of of torment layers on top of the old ones?

Vue is easily the worst product I have for this sort of pain, by a mile.


03-04-2008, 07:31 AM
Heh. Try Ozone 3. I love the output, even if the program is buggy as hell, but installing it is a complete bear. Even worse, you cannot just push out the updated install folder to nodes (for which you need to buy licenses). If you do, the program will fail to work. You need to do a full install on each node and then manually update each node with the official updater. Then it works.

Mind you, it gets worse. If you open up the plugin in LW, it wants activation. OK, it goes on-line and opens up your browser. Now it says you can copy and paste your activation code. Except you can't because once any window goes in front of the LW window, the Vue dialog stops taking input. Lovely.

Worse, you have a standard text file which holds the activation information. Vue and Ozone both keep these files in, on Mac, /Users/Shared. If you try and edit them directly to, say, paste your activation code in on the clearly marked line....they stop working.

Wonderful stuff.

I've been mildly impressed with e-on's support folks, though. They do seem to be paying attention and the latest update works much, much better. Vue 6 is relegated to a wish-I'd-not-bothered purchase - it's far, far too slow to render anything of any real complexity and flickering is evident in every sequence I have ever tried that had render times shorter than 3 hours per frame. Ozone 3, though, I like.

If Ozone 3 allowed for raymarching, so as to affect volumetrics, it would be even better.

03-04-2008, 08:25 AM
Oh yes, the support people are helpful enough. Possibly because they have had more practice in persuading their customers to jump through hoops than anyone else...