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03-02-2008, 09:07 PM
A little more community sharing...

I am now in my third year creating animations (in my
spare time) for a large fundraising event for our local
school. It started in 2006 with this animation created
using LightWave 9.x.

The animation is here (http://www.lanovaz.org/daniel/Site/Blog/Entries/2006/10/31_Entry_1.html).

Objects in the opening and closing scene are versions
I modified but originally from TurboSquid (my time to
model from scratch is limited); all story and animation
work is mine; my daughter's voice is featured in this one.

The Gala is held outdoors, on a neighbor's 25 acre
property, with 5 acres of the most beautiful gardens
you have ever seen, complete with massive Redwood

I use my 14' screen with rear projection (translucent)
material; we rent some massive speakers and lights
from a local company.

Yes, you'll yawn during the showing of the local children
(hurry up, hurry up, I don't know these people),
but the mothers in the audience were in tears at the
end. You may get some ideas from the introduction and
conclusion for some of your own work.

I password protected the actual animation so web crawlers
don't cache it; username: guest password: lanovaz. It's
not really security, just ensuring a human has clicked the
agreement then performs a manual download.