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03-02-2008, 02:52 PM
IT'S ART unveils CG Gallery V4.0 Beta (http://cggallery.itsartmag.com), featuring a new design and a group feature.

What's groups?

Groups is a new feature which allows people to share art and thoughts on special subjects, ideas, concepts, softwares or anything you like to speak about and work on. But Groups could also be a way to promote your company, studio or ideas ...

How does it work?

* - First you have to create a group.
* - Invite people from CG Gallery or other websites to join your group
* - Other CG Gallery artists can ask to join your group and start to share artworks

What else?

* - Groups have a special homepage with a banner linked to your website.
* - A "top groups chart" will be updated daily
* - Best groups will be highlighted in the newsletter or IT'S ART Issues
* - RSS feeds!
* - Start you group to discover more.

Other CG Gallery Features : External Voting code for submitted illustration, Customizable flash portfolio and webpage, Customizable Widget, Auto synchronisation of your website and CG Gallery Portfolio, Real Time Statistics (with csv and pdf export)

- CG Gallery is free.
- CG Gallery Members have no ads displayed in the Gallery pages and a detailled real time portfolio statistics.

Check the Pdf Documentation for details: http://www.itsartmag.com/downstat/download.php?file=cgdoc

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The Url is : http://cggallery.itsartmag.com

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Why reported? I understand your not liking spam but this is pretty on-topic.

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Why reported? I understand your not liking spam but this is pretty on-topic.


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Hahaha, that's funny!

I'm not being sarcastic either, it really was funny!

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Now that I know it is a joke - OK. You got me. Funny. :D