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02-27-2008, 04:52 PM
I recently came across the "small MMO" game Love, currently in development over at quelsolaar.com (http://www.quelsolaar.com/)

While I'm impressed by the procedural nature of the game, and beautiful rendering technology (oh, and it's be one guy!), I'd venture to say the really amazing pieces are invisible. The developer is working in a pipeline (http://www.quelsolaar.com/verse/pipeline.html) that unifies disparate content over a real time server... according to the site, 3DS Max and Blender can operate like two windows into the same world; multiple users can even work concurrently on the same scene, seeing changes and switching between tools (apps) in realtime.

And it's an open API!

While I'm just starting to work in game development here in Detroit (the FBX format additions in 9.5 are, I trust, going to save my bacon!), I can't help but wonder what this pipeline could look like integrated with Lightwave. Could this be the missing project management tool? I know others are sometimes surprised that Lightwave doesn't have version control or other workgroup related enhancements, and while that doesn't bother me while I work on solo projects (dealing with anything like SVN would just be a complete waste of time), there's always room for growth, right?

If you check under Tech (http://www.quelsolaar.com/technology/reserch.html), there are even fast GI solutions and other developmental projects. Oh, and it appears everything is completely open source.

Is Verse (http://www.quelsolaar.com/verse/index.html) the sort of thing that could be integrated via plugin, or would it require something far more native to the LW core? It appears to make use of the Collada format (:newtek: rocks, 9.5 is going to be great), so maybe this wouldn't be so far fetched as I first thought.

I ask because not only does the pipeline appear beguilingly attractive in terms of content management, but could it be a chance for Lightwave to make a massive leap in game development and file management systems? There's a realtime game engine built for this pipeline already... among many other tools. I could also be completely wrong, but at the very least, wanted to bring this to Newtek's attention. What are all of your thoughts?

02-27-2008, 07:47 PM
I can't help but wonder what this pipeline could look like integrated with Lightwave.
What are all of your thoughts?

It is quite a while since I looked into it, but heres a short list of the issues I've encountered, and the reason why I've stopped trying to integrate it into LW. (tis was around a year ago):

a)Hard to get into: Documentation and Examples are not designed to quickly dive into, (although afiak they wanted to work on this)

b) Because the data types are kept quite abstract, You still have to digg into the blender source / other plugins to establish the connection correctly / pass through all data)

c) Verse Server need a steady connection to the clients, without an option to pause / resume.
Implementing continous timer calls inside LightWave to uphold the conection from the plugin perspective either means to lock up the Interface for the connection time, or to risk heavy crashes. (or both)
Don't know why they included this into the specifications: imho this is quite a trouble maker / show stopper for application integration (not only for LW )
( If anybody knows if this has been finaly changed: please inform me)

So the only way I could think of, to integrate it seamlessly, without "tweaking" the protocol / specifications, would be by implementing a verse server inside the hub.
(Routing data from LW to the hub to a verse server to the secondary application is imho not a good option)
(Currently I do think the energy needed is not in releation to the profits yet)

02-28-2008, 07:31 AM
Ok, cool. Good to know the failure points, not to mention that someone has already looked into it all. Thanks for the response!

02-28-2008, 08:15 AM
I currently use ClanLib http://clanlib.org/ as an SDK lightwave engine.

But the lightwave component that i wrote, uses the SDK from http://www.newtek.com/lightwave/developers

I would release it as open-source, but i cannot find any licence details. It must comply with the clanlib license http://clanlib.org/license.html

Shame, but until Newtek officially attaches a license to the SDK, there is nothing i can do about it.

Ideally, newtek needs to attach a BSD style license to the SDK

ClanLib 0.9 is a Game SDK, that is platform independant, and based on OpenGL (directx is being worked on)

03-12-2008, 01:44 AM
I have contacted NewTek, they will add a license statement to the SDK in the future. :)