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07-15-2003, 02:02 PM
I hope someone can help. Here's the problem...

I'm rendering out a pretty complex model of a new church that will soon be built. The client wants some help vizualizing the finished building. The 3D model was constructed at another location, and brought to me. I animated the camera going through it, to yeild a virtual tour. I set up ScreamerNet, networked 9 machines and crossed my fingers. Lightwave is not constructing the animation, it's just saving individual images. I'll make the animation later. When I test render certain parts of the animation, on the host machine, everything looks good. When ScreamerNet renders the amination I loose a bunch of textures. Everything seems to be set up correctly. My C drive is shared, and mapped to U: My content folder is set to U:\3D_Church_Work. All the nodes load the scene file with out reporting errors. I re-scanned my pluggins folder through the mapped U drive. My Lightwave config files are in the right place. I can sit at a node machine and open the images folder on the U drive and see all the images and load them into Photoshop.

What's the deal???? Why can I hit F9 on the host machine and see a perfectly rendered image, but when the nodes render the same frame they loose some of the textures? I changed all my file names so that, "floor tile," became, "floor_tile" But that still didn't fix the problem.

Can anyone offer any suggestions? I've been on the phone with the good guys from NewTek, but nothing's working.

It's just so perplexing because the scene loads with no error messages. You'd think that if the nodes couldn't find an image file, it would say so.


07-15-2003, 03:13 PM
I had the same problem, mine was because I was using Simbiont LW Shaders. Though I have a slightly different setup, everything (configs, plugs, content, lwsn + dll's) are on a shared network drive, no sharing of my local.

I'm not sure how I fixed it, I tried two things and one of them (or both - I dont know) worked.

I copied all the Simbiont stuff to the network and re-added the plug. And the re-assigned all the textures in modeler navigating to the shared drive every time.

I edited the Simbiont.cfg file to point the copy of Simbiont on the shared drive.

It was probably the last step that worked, but I wanted to be extra safe, and not have another night's rendering lost.

If this is your problem, your Simbiont.cfg is probably pointing to "C:\...." and the nodes are reading this but cant find anything on their own C:\

well, it worked for me - not sure how but I got the renders out and they were rubbished by loads of nasty flicker :D

07-15-2003, 03:23 PM
Thanks omeone for a quick reply.

I'm not using those shaders in this animation, but I have been tinckering around here. I changed all my image files to Targa files. I had some PSD's and a load of JPG's, but now everything is TGA, and the renders seem to be checking out right.