View Full Version : Bend Displacement Nulls Can't Be Controlled By Master Null

07-15-2003, 08:30 AM
I have an object that has the bend displacement added to the deform tab. I set the 'Effect Base' to BaseNull, and the 'Effect Handle' to HandleNull. I can move the BaseNull and HandleNull around and get the desired bend result just fine. I want the bend to move through the object without changing the bend shape too much so I keyframe the base and handle at two different locations. Works great.

Now, for ease of keyframing and changing the bend direction and amount I parented the nulls to a MasterBendNull. Moving or rotating this master null has no effect on the bend. Why? You can see the base and handle null are being moved and rotated in the scene but their effect of the object is as if they were never moved. Even putting one of the handles into another null and moving it all over the place has not effect on the bend. Bend displacement seems to not be able to be a child object, even thought it shows in the scene as if it should work.

My dersired result I am trying to acheive is bending a flat plane to simulate a page of a book being turned. Bend seems to be the best tool (I tried morph and couldn't get the dersired results smooth enough) but I really wish I could use a master null because this bend will be applied in many directions and sizes.