View Full Version : Low Diffuse Setting Causes Render Problem

02-20-2008, 11:39 PM
I am rendering a simple American flag. It's a high poly object with a couple bump maps and 4 deformations to create the wave. Looks great but when I render the animation i notice there is a pattern/mosaic going through it. I thought it was my bump map or a bad setting on my deformation settings or smoothing settings. But they are all good.

I finally found that my Diffuse setting of 8% combined with my key light at 120% is the problem and is actually making the polygone lines appear a little brighter than the smoothed surface. If I raise the diffuse up to 50% or so and set my light at 100% (no global illum) then it goes away. Problem is I like the dark contrast I get with the original method and would prefer to keep it. Raising the diffuse gives me too flat an image. I know I can post process, but is there any other method to achieve this?

Here's an image that shows the render with diffuse at 50% and light at 70% 1st image, then Diffuse at 8% and light at 120% 2nd image. Finally a closeup of the pattern thats showing up. It is actually the polygon lines, lke they are brighter and illuminating and causing horrible fishbone pattern in the animation.


Any suggestions?