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Ian Scott
07-15-2003, 03:12 AM
Hi everyone!

As a designer/digital artist working in the European automtive sector, I was most impressed by some of the car illustrations I viewed in the Lightwave Gallery, the result being Iíve ordered my own copy of Lightwave (not received it yet).

I would be most interested to find out from any artists producing 3d images of cars how they go about imputting the initial data i.e. do you work from photographs or CAD/technical data?

I realise Iíve got a long way to go, but you know what they say: The longest journey starts with a single step!


Ian Scott

07-16-2003, 07:33 AM

This is what grabbed my attention about Lightwave, so i to have bit the bullet and started getting into modelling vehicles. I think the majority go from blueprints found on the internet, but photos can also be used, technical drawings as well if you can obtain them. Your 3 or 4 standard views (side, front, back, top) as background images, line them up and off you go.

A certain Lewis (in the profile section of this site/uk site)had a massive forum following on http://www.lwg3d.org/forums/index.php, but that seems to have gone while they re-fit the site.

I hope it'll be back as its a fantastic learning tool.

Plenty on the web just seach google. I use splines to create a cage and work from there.

From an ex-Leamingtonion i wish you all the best :cool:. If i can help with anything else then please give me a shout.


07-16-2003, 09:51 PM
You might also be interested in the chapter Automotive Effects by Dave Jerrard in the book Lightwave Applied Version 6.5/7, which talks about specific lighting and texturing effects for cars/parts...

The car is featured on the cover of the book...

And yes, Lewis' Car tutorial... found in a thread on LWG3D.org or for sale on a CD at the same site. Spline modelling, etc.

07-18-2003, 03:34 AM

Im sorry if i didnt answer your questions that soon im not that chatty person anyways you can always email me:)