View Full Version : Monitor the switcher

02-19-2008, 09:46 AM
I'm trying to figure out a way to monitor the switcher buses and execute code based on which input is selected.

I found the GetProgramRow() function which would work great if I could figure out how to get notification that the input has changed.

Is this possible?

02-19-2008, 11:43 PM
I'm not sure you can do that. You would probably have to poll the switcher all the time and ask it which input it was on. Are you switching with the RS-8 or keyboard/mouse? If you are using a keyboard/mouse you could add your own buttons that would both switch inputs and perform whatever custom code you are trying to implement. You could assign that to a keyboard shortcut too. If you are mostly using the RS-8 that might not be any fun though. Just another way of going about it. I guess that would only work with takes too, hmm...


02-20-2008, 07:50 AM
Polling, that's what I was afraid of. It's so 80s :) I really need to support KB, mouse and RS-8. The RS-8 is the problem otherwise I could just hack my own skin like you said.

03-04-2008, 01:11 PM
OK, I have the polling working using a Timer() callback as per Johns post from a while back. I don't really understand how the callback works (my computer science classes date back to Fortran IV and we were lucky to have GOSUBs !) but it is working.