View Full Version : Digital Juices New Double Alpha SWIPES!

02-18-2008, 12:00 PM
Dear NewTek VT5 Users: :vticon:
Dear Digital Juice Users:

We have been a member of Digital Juice for several years. We appreciate all the new products.
I am having problems with the NEW Double Alpha SWIPES (Volumes 23-32)

We are using the NewTek VT 5. We have installed the Swipes using Quicktime Alpha. We watch the Digital Juice tutorial and they have many different versions of tutorials but nothing for NewTek VT4 or 5.
So I am wondering if any one else out there is using the New Swipes and what you have to do to set this whole process up in your VT 4 or 5 editing line.
The new Digital Juice Swipes come with a double alpha and are more difficult to use. They come with a swipe and a matte. You are suppose to set the luma (or white portion of the matte) to clip A (the clip we are transitioning from) and set the chroma (the black part of the matte) to Clip B (the clip we are transitioning to. The question is how do we set the clips to the mattes chroma and luma??? Thanks
Jim, Katie & Cassie at Video On Q Productions