View Full Version : What happend to ICON Previews in SpeedEdit

Shawn Farrell
02-15-2008, 11:14 PM

This is my first post so I'll make it count.

WHY do the icons in the storyboard of SpeedEdit not reflect the changes you make to a clip...IE:

I'm making a photo-video and I scanned in a picture sideways...when I rotate the picture in VT[3] the icon in the storyboard rotates but NOT in SpeedEdit.

This really sucks when you've got a couple hundred photos and you're eyeing the project to see if any changes need to be made.

Some of you may have gotten the wonderfull music library as a gift from NEWTEK, I made that music & soon will launch an online store where you can preview all of my music & purchase songs through paypal for only $2.00 each.:bowdown:

Here is a free song to download, it's good for corporate videos with a modern techy feel.


Enjoy! (More to come!)

Shawn L. Farrell