View Full Version : Help with eyeballs floating away!!!

02-14-2008, 02:04 PM
I've created a rig which works fine. Then I go to make the eyebones, one stretching from the middle of the eyeball to the back and then a smaller child bone from it rotated 180. I activate the bones and zero out the rotation. All good so far. Now, I'll create a null to move both sets of eyebones. The null works. Now, I need to keep my bones in my head when I go to move it. Initially I tried setting the "Use bones from" selection to have the both eye layers use the bones from Layer 1. That hasn't worked yet. So, in a previous character I just parented the parent eyebone to one of the head bones. It worked, but in every character since it goes arwy right here!

This is Lightwave 101, I know. But I need answers. I just want to make eyebones that will make my eyes move using a Null and stay in the head of my character!!!! HELP!!!!! I have to be missing something here!!!!! :bangwall: