View Full Version : Help with eyeballs floating away!!!

02-14-2008, 12:35 PM
I've created a rig which works fine. Then I go to make the eyebones, one stretching from the middle of the eyeball to the back and then a smaller child bone from it rotated 180. I activate the bones and zero out the rotation. All good so far. Now, I'll create a null to move both sets of eyebones. The null works. Now, I need to keep my bones in my head when I go to move it. Initially I tried setting the "Use bones from" selection to have the both eye layers use the bones from Layer 1. That hasn't worked yet. So, in a previous character I just parented the parent eyebone to one of the head bones. It worked, but in every character since it goes arwy right here!

This is Lightwave 101, I know. But I need answers. I just want to make eyebones that will make my eyes move using a Null and stay in the head of my character!!!! HELP!!!!! I have to be missing something here!!!!! :bangwall:


02-14-2008, 01:25 PM
I think we went over this. "Use Bones from" is not the way it works for adding bones to a character. "Use bones from" is for having the current mesh object that has the bones in it use the bone deformations from another mesh object which would override the bones it has - not add to them. If you do this the eye will react as if moved by the characters bones which will give unpredictable results and could give you the "floating away" effect.

The bones are child of the object so if you can't actually parent a bone to another object. But you can parent the eye object to the head bone. That may be where you are getting mixed up.

And finally make sure that the head actually moves entirely with no deformations. The skull is a solid piece and for the eyes to stay in the socket the head must not become deformed it should only do so at the neck.