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caustic wave
07-13-2003, 08:03 AM
OK, second invention if you have not read my first one on being made read on, I think it is in the thread THREE REASONs.

OK, open up POSER, click WINDOW>walkdesigner, make you character dance or walk sexy or run, whatever.
make a nice long frame, maybe 300 or 400.
click export>lightwave
select multiframe, your number image should read 1 to 400 at the bottom box. select all objects, click OK.

poser will save your 400 or so objects ino your dir. all in LW format, and it will be a name like
Untitled_1.lwo, Untitled_10.lwo, Untitled_11.lwo, you get the picture.
so since the all our names are screwed up, (does not save the name convention like realflow HINT HINT, our light wave program can not import all the file in one shot, and it will take for ever to rename all this one by one, OH MY GOD CALL 911.
no problem, detective jerkoff is here.

so we design something very similar to surfrep HINT HINT, this is a realflow shader, is will attribute all your selected color to your realflow object in one shot, and it will also save them in whatever dir in a naming convention like realflow does,so our LW can read all of them in one shot, what happens now.

open LW, click load object, load your first object from the poser generated file, select item properties>object replacement>object sequence. now make movie. <*****> nothing happend, ofcourse
nothing happened, detective jerkoff forgot to put it through our plugin so our naming convention will name our poser image just like relflow does, 000mesh1,000mesh2,000mesh3.
so when we do select object replacement, and then click make movie,your sexy model will walk or dance or how everyou made it to move in poser the same in LW. saves you time, then add bones or riig it up more.
Thanks inspector jerkoff,you saved my day

developement in progress

maya! watch out

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