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02-05-2008, 11:47 AM
hey all,

well, this should only take someone about a minute to answer, but i have been searching and cannot find my answer.

so, i am unwrapping a character (which i am fairly new to unwrapping anything). i have half of the character modeled and have all of my seams made with plg_make_uv_edit. i unwrap successfully and it looks like a good starting place. my question comes when it is time to mirror the character and flip the map. i select the half of the character i have modeled, mirror it, and then select inverse so the new side is selected. i flip the map on U and move it to the correct side. it appears that the flipped half is not symmetrical to my original half. do i need to rotate the pieces of the map a certain way before flipping them? am i missing a step in here somewhere? should i be unwelding something at some point and turn off merge points when i mirror? am i crazy? haha.. it seems like there should be a simple solution somewhere in there. thanks for any help in advance.

- adam

02-07-2008, 07:40 AM
okay, well i guess i can simplify this a bit.

can anyone give me a basic walkthrough of mirroring a half of a character that has a UV map? I just want to mirror my character and have a full connected UV for the face and chest area. as of right now, i mirror the character and the second half of the face is not attached to the first half.