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JP Video
02-01-2008, 04:23 PM
Hi Everyone,

I am hopefully going to be a new member of the Tricaster family. I have been talking with my local ESPN radio station. They are interested in streaming live games weekly to the there website. I have told them I can handle job with the Tricaster system. I have been doing sports video's for 4 years and doing all the multi-cam editing in post. I should have bought Tricaster 4 years ago.

Anyway here is the question. What is general price for producing a 4 camera live event for a local sporting event. They looking at Football and Basketball. about 38 games total. I know what everything will cost equipment wise, camera operators and so on. I know what I need to charge to break even.

I am in a central indiana town of about 57,000 people. Given that different cities have different economic implications, blah blah blah, what is an average price for this service?

Any and all replies are welcome thanks.

02-06-2008, 06:33 AM
Be careful when you say you know what your break even number is. Unless you
have another source of income why do it for free?! As a general rule I double my net cost (true break even cost x 2) and then add the estimated income tax required and that's my price. It provides a bit of flexibility to cover any unforeseen costs without it either requiring me to go back to the client for more money or to eat the extras myself. I'm located in eastern MA where the market tight but where there is always respect for quality. DaveO