View Full Version : experimental features huh?

07-11-2003, 07:24 PM
Ok. By now you guys must have heard about this over at the Flay.com hangout.
It seems that if you press "ctrl+alt+shift+F1" in Lightwave 7 (layout only by the looks of things) you get a nice liitle window saying: "Experimental Features Enabled". Cookies in Lightwave!
This lets you zoom in and out with your scroll wheel, gives HUD angle info while rotating, and some other OpenGL and IK gizmos.
Not really useful but....
How come I never heard about this!!
It is really unfair. You guys should have told me about these hidden cookies.... I feel left out.

Anyway. Point of the thread is: does anyone know of any other nice little hidden gems? Post.


since LW8 is on its way (it better be Newtek) can I request a nice big Sasquatch and some geometry Snaps on the side please. Thank you Newtek.

07-11-2003, 08:14 PM
Cookies are for web browsers. Hidden features are called Easter Eggs.

Why do you want to pay to upgrade Lightwave to get Sasquatch (full) when you can buy it already direct from Worley Labs?

I'd prefer to see future revisions of Lightwave address workflow issues that can't be rectified by current third party products.

As for hidden features, I've got no idea why the functions you mention were hidden and not included as default features. Maybe they were not tested enough for release... I don't know.