View Full Version : Another video card thread! Ati GL X1

big back comics
02-21-2003, 07:13 PM
Could anyone with production experience using Lightwave and the Ati fire gl X1 128 meg dual head provide some feedback on the reliability of the drivers?

I was configuring a dell xeon workstation one day, selected the quadro pro 900xl went back the next day to play some more and dell had removed the quadro card from the list of options.

Now you only have a flavour of Ati cards to pick from. Doing some research on the net, and on the various lightwave forums I have only found 1 lightwave user who could speak to the how the card performs. He feedback was very positive.

I also notice on Ati's site that there are certified drivers for the card and Lightwave for both XP and windows 2000.