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01-25-2008, 08:47 AM
I don't know if this is ok with NT to post this, but I thought a job offer would be good thing in general (and especially for people that are already coding games etc). And it's an app that works together with LW.
Anyway, if anyone of the staff finds this post improper, please delete it.

I forward this message from www.dxstudio.com (http://www.dxstudio.com/default.aspx?affiliate=5f7bf137-a013-4c83-82b4-b43b1a760e6e)

We are looking for a new senior developer to work with us on continuing the expansion of DX Studio. The role will be based at our offices in Pinewood Studios (London).

So if you are a C++ wizard and love gaming/simulation this could be a great chance to take on an exciting role with unlimited potential.

Interested? Just send through a demo you have made that includes the use of HLSL to [email protected]

Some addtional infos: DX Studio is a development studio for RT projects (simulation, games, presentation). They make a very good job on supporting the app and care for the customer base. DXS can import all kinds of formats (including fbx, collada, .x and LW).
I posted it in here cause I like the guys at DXS as much as my fellow Lightwavers and since I use DXS myself I have an interest in them getting fine people into the boat...

I don't know more about the job offer, so please direct these questions to Bob. For any other question I'll try to find out.


01-25-2008, 05:44 PM
Looks very cool, but I don't have enough experience to go for anything near a senior position. :(