View Full Version : Some questions from an old/newbie user

01-23-2008, 02:51 AM
I'm a newbie on LW 9.3.1, just bought it before Christmas. But I'm a old one bought prelease 4.0 then upgrade 5 and 6 but stop after 1 month on 6,5 sad but real life catch me up family kid and so =).

So every thing is so new for me and i have look on so many Tutorials special from William Vaughan =) and it's here i have some question(s).

1. Was trying to do the Video Tutorial FurDisplacement.mov but i can't get it to work from start you render
the boll and it show you around 2880 polygons and I got the same but then you change the Render SubPatch level
to 40 and got 1/2 mil polygon but i still got 2880 poly i see in the info you have Subpatches to 320 I have 0 ????
How do you change that if thats the problem?? =)

2. Then another Video from William Vaughan is the Vizier.mov in the Render Tab under Utilities you have the
Button Add Vizier Pane
I can't se that one??? x-tra pluggin or?

3. hmm it was atleast 1 more video i can't end with hehe will be back on that.

General question:

1. I have flickering problem with LW it's blinking time to time both Layout and Modeler even with the Trial LW 9
i test before i bought mine but still got the problem it's some flashing/blinking something time to time???
2. I was a big fans to Ron Thorntons videos and was wondering now his Spacecraft Surfacing Technique with Photoshop and LW to that Spaceship is it a hole new technique now??
3. I told my friendes i have start LW again =) but some say use Maya why should I, I have read on the Forum here and see Maya
have come up time to time, are Maya, Softimage or 3d Max better an LW? Can't LW do all the same as them?

Thanks for all Videos out there and I hope I can start to have same skill as i got from LW 4 and 5 hehe

I only use LW as Privat Hobby